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Developing an NHL team logo

Developing an NHL team logo

Great coverage over at NHL uniform blog, Icethetics, highlighting a recent segment on Hartford local television, on how one of the smartest sports logos, the now defunct Hartford Whalers, came to be.


So I said, what do we have to work with? I have the letterforms ‘W’ and ‘H’ and I have a whale. And whales are kind of amorphous creatures. They’re not like a tiger where you could characterize it very simply. But the whale’s tail is very, very formally interesting. It’s symmetrical. So you have three symmetrical elements to play with. This was a gift.

Professional sport teams are now often times billion dollar companies. It so often surprises me how little focus and effort is put into crafting a team’s identity. It’s refreshing to see truly brilliant design in the industry every so often. Incredible that a defunct sports team still sells so well.

Make sure you watch the video in the linked piece.

Universal sign design

But what would you put on the door?!” said a facility manager at an airport, his concern echoed by an administrator at a university: “When people are looking for a restroom, they look for the ‘man or woman’ icon. It’s what we know to look for that means restroom.

Taking a step back and uncomplicating what was already there is sometimes all you need.