Monthly Archives: September 2014

Yes We Can. But Should We?

Great essay from Allison Arieff positing that makers and designers have a heavy duty—even responsibility—when creating for the world.

In Why Things Bite Back, Edward Tenner writes of what he calls the “ironic unintended consequences’’ of human ingenuity, ranging from antibiotics that promise the cure of disease but end up breeding resistant microorganisms, to a new football helmet, designed to reduce injuries, that actually encourages a more violent style of playing, thus creating the risk of more serious injury. We’re experiencing some of these ironies now as we use technology to solve the wrong problems. We’re in a period where almost anyone has the tools to make almost anything – but are we making the right things? Or too many of the wrong ones?

What we leave for the world when we leave this world is all we have. No subordinate motive, whether it be money, power, or fame, matters in the rear view.