The Carmichael is a full service design and consulting firm dedicated to enhancing the fidelity of your visual identity and organizational personality.  We see design as much more than a nifty logo.  In fact, logo development is only a very small portion of how an audience interacts with your products and services.  Unlike many print and web design companies, our primary goal is to understand and fully articulate your organization’s goals in order to ensure your customers are receiving the full value of your offerings and executing them in ways that are easy to relate to for your clientele. The relationship we establish with your business is essential to this process.

For these reasons, we are confident that “design” is more than just making something look pretty.  Without understanding the “why” your solution cannot answer the “how” and is little more than lines, colors, and patterns.  Without understanding particular obstacles and challenges inhibiting particular decisions, one is bound to hit a wall.  Design is being able to effectively communicate the strongest message to an audience while balancing constraints inherent to the problem.  This is why our process begins with research, strategizing, and iterative design—not just implementation.

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What Our Clients Look Like

Small & Midsize

The Carmichael realizes not every business can afford an internal marketing department, which is why our firm focuses on assisting businesses looking for growth.


Business adapts quickly today and we work best with clients seeking to embrace new technology and somewhat untraditional solutions.


Our firm only takes on clients we feel confident we can build a relationship with. We want to listen to your needs and we hope you’ll welcome us in as a partner.


It’s more enjoyable to work with optimistic and passionate organizations because their personality shines brighter. Our solutions harness this excitement.

Seeking Clarity

We realize we are being hired to solve a problem. To provide the best solution we want to understand the way your organization works and strengthen the way consumers perceive your image.


Most businesspeople with the confidence and determination to start their own business have the vision to know their market, even if they need a bit of help sorting out some of the complexities.
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Who Are We?

The Carmichael was founded in 2010 by Ryan M. Jones, who currently acts as Creative Lead for the firm. Although Ryan is trained as an attorney and currently works in government affairs in New Jersey, Ryan possesses over ten years of design and marketing experience, beginning in college, working for a publication out of Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

With Ryan at the helm, core tenets of design and law are central to the way The Carmichael solves problems for its clients. Despite these seemingly divergent paths, the juxtaposition of the fields serves to bolster the goals of each. The interplay of aesthetics and communication proves crucial to informational design and the value of empathy when approaching the structure of legal arguments makes legal representation an exercise in effective thematic storytelling. And approaching design with a knowledge of the law enables merger of technical sophistication with evocative graphical elements reinforcing ideas and emotive communication with specific audiences.

Our skills

Informational communication


Graphical Design




Web Design




Business Consulting


Photo- & Videography