GluckWalrath is a full service, midsize law firm with offices in Trenton and Red Bank, New Jersey established in 2003. The firm possesses a rather unique personality for a law firm, which is how The Carmichael was initially drawn to the client. When beginning the firm over ten years ago, the partners quickly put together letterhead that was quickly adopted and used until 2013. Unfortunately, that brand did not age gracefully and suffered from some significant visual shortcomings. Ultimately, the way the firm looked on paper did not at all reflect the energy, professionalism, or sophistication of the members and work performed by GluckWalrath.

We spent time with GluckWalrath attempting to understand and articulate the unique charm so notable within the firm in order to develop an identity that would suit a significant player in the New Jersey legal community. Taking the time to get to know the firm allowed us to really understand the unique culture that respects a life/work balance while overseeing multi-million dollar lawsuits and bond deals that seems unusual in this field.

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The difficulty with giving life to an organization that provides services (as opposed to products) is that brands run the risk of being cliche or kitsch. But our solution focused on introducing some color to a stereotypically conservative business and utilizing a typeface of the sixties that was developed to embrace the techno-optimism of our future.  These two features enabled us to portray that excitement evident within GluckWalrath’s walls without ignoring the serious and sophisticated work they do for large clients around the state.

Our result has enabled the firm to address their posture, providing an identity which is distinct, strong, and memorable. The brand extends into a variety of platforms, most notably online, where we developed a full site overhaul and manage their Facebook and Twitter presence. Our job also includes maintaining client communication with their newsletter as well as developing memorable holiday gifts for the firm.

Clients like GluckWalrath are a dream to work with.The sense of trust developed and constant communication allows ideas to quickly take hold and we’re given generous freedom to implement these concepts. In turn, their results continue to flourish.