Not so much a client as a project near and dear to my heart, J+R is a collaboration in pretty much every way, since I’m the R and my girlfriend Jaci makes up the other half. J+R started mostly as a parody of itself, since we wanted a holiday gift to send to friends and family and came upon the idea of producing soap.

“I never really thought it was going to happen,” explains Jaci. “[Ryan] kind of said matter of factly one summer evening: ‘I want to make soap.’ but that was the ┬ábeginning and end of the conversation for about a month. But then, all of a sudden he began sending me emails with links and information on producing soap and we sorta started to take it too seriously. We really wanted to make something that smelt and felt professional, which is how we came upon designing a logo, because, of course you need an imprint for each bar, and packaging, and wrapping. It just sort of became this elaborate joke we both were in on. But it’s grown from there.”

Since then, J+R has become a symbol for our relationship, an undertaking we take seriously and put a lot of effort into. We see it as a way to embellish the adventures we undertake, whether it’s making gifts for friends, exploring elaborate recipes from a plethora of cookbooks, or doing something fun and unusual. And it’s fun to add an air of professionalism to the things we do together. It reminds us that we’re not just enjoying each other but also building something together.

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