Political communication can be a difficult and sometimes nearly impossible task. Resident engagement tends to be incredibly low for a variety of reasons and local political realities often times stray significantly from state and national politics. This is true of South River, New Jersey, a small town in Middlesex County with a tight-knit local community.

The Carmichael began assisting the South River Democratic Organization well before the company was formally incorporated and continues in a more limited scope to this day. Our primary goal was to increase organizational awareness and effectively communicate the complex fiscal and operational issues facing the township in clear and concise terms that could be understood at a glance.

Through the years, our company has not only developed and implemented a brand identity for the organization, but continues to oversee the marketing efforts during campaigns. At one point, The Carmichael designed and managed their web presence, coordinating a website, social media presence, and email communication with members and residents.

Over the course of 6 years, The Carmichael has offered strategy and guidance on campaign themes and developed over 25 unique mailers for the organization. Many of the pieces explain confusing financial realities of the municipal budget in a thoughtful and transparent manner. Of the numerous¬†clients we’ve worked with, the political challenges we’ve worked to overcome with the South River Dems have been some of the most difficult, yet gratifying projects.